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  • Pet Taxi Service

  • Paws A-Go-Go Pet Taxi Service is ideal if you do not have your own transport, have difficulty getting out and about, or simply at work and don’t have the time. We can transport your pet, with or without you, in a professionally equipped, ventilated and insured van to your chosen location, be it a friend’s house, vets, groomers, moving house or any other location required.

    Paws A-Go-Go has a distinctive specifically designed van for all your pets’ needs, with cages that are of various sizes for your pets comfort and safety.

    Inside the cages are towel’s and rubber matting underneath for hygiene. If your dog likes to travel with his/her own bedding or toys, we can put those in the van too.

    Paws A-Go-Go always has non-spill water bowls with water provided throughout their journey in the van, a fully equipped first aid kit and storage to supply all the equipment required for the animals.

    We can transport all kinds of animals such as small pets, cats and dogs of all sizes and will charge a standard fee of £20 regardless of waiting time. This also includes drop off and collection at the same flat rate for the groomers. For dogs who wish it, we can walk them there and back (distance permitting) for their additional benefit.